Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Thougtful man

this portrait is in Pastel on an acrylic base. The sizincluding the glassed Frame is 22" x 18"

Ken Paine

A painting of Ken Paine from a drawing done at a course for Ken at Phillips House. size abot15" x 20"

Ken is the doyen of pastel painters in the UK and the French Pastel society has made him a member ( the only Englishman so honoured. ) Thr French Pastel society pay him £1,000 for one lecture so he is recognised for the genius that he is. I have studied with Ken on a one to one basis for 20 years and he says I am getting near to my goal of paintings of real worth-lucky me !!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

My next move? such a familiar sensation for all chess players --especially those who are less skillful !!
22" x 15" Acrylic on the heaviest Watercolour paper

First post

Umbrella Man. Pastel on acrylic, approx A4 excluding frame.